Science vs. Covid-19, Flu, Colds & Allergies – Part 1 of 3: Prevention Methods

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Probiotic Blog, Probiotic Education

Covid-19-influenza-blogCan we copy our prevention methods for Colds and Flu to prevent Covid-19?​

The answer is no, so far as we currently know. Before diving into that information, we would like to express our sympathies regarding the constantly changing information revolving around Covid-19 and the emotional stress that it creates. We are like ping-pong balls bouncing all directions as new research continues to emerge, causing changes in recommendations and protocols to best protect ourselves and our loved ones from Covid-19. This can leave us feeling confused, frustrated, or hopeless. However, it is this same science that gives us hope. Let’s talk about science for a moment.

Shop Now and SaveScience is a systematic way of exploring the nature of reality. It does so by proving or disapproving ideas through testing hypotheses (proposed explanations for unexplained phenomena). It is important to remember that science is ultimately a specialized way of being wrong. For those of you that have children or enjoy animated cartoons, the movie MegaMind has one of our favorite family quotes, “you are right, I was less right”. Every scientist tries to be less wrong than the scientist who came before them. Research is an ongoing process of new discoveries that inevitably reveals how wrong we used to be. It is important to remain skeptical and not cynical when we read headlines such as “new research finds…” or “latest study shows…”. With Covid-19 being a new novel strain, it is important to remember that the research is an ongoing process. New research comes out every day and provides us with the best available truth of the moment.

With this in mind, as we enter into cold and flu season while considering Covid-19 as a potential threat, our goal at Humarian is to remain open-minded regarding new insights and updates concerning Covid-19. Research and information are constantly evolving regarding recommended medications, nutrients, hygiene practices, vaccines, etc. It is important that we remember that in science, valid analysis of valid data is everything. Without valid data, we have no ability to make valid conclusions to construct valid, data-centric policies and recommendations with the best chance to achieve desired outcomes. Now you have a clear picture of the way Humarian views science.

While we learn more every day, there is still much that is unknown about COVID-19 and the virus that causes it. We will continue to work hard to stratify the information and keep you up to date on our views of the best treatment and prevention methods based on the most current scientific data available. Stay tuned for part 2 on Science vs. Covid-19, Influenza, Colds and Allergies, coming soon.

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