Healthy Gut Promotes Cognitive Flexibility

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Blog, Healthy Lifestyle

Your brain is influenced by your gut. Chemical reactions initiated by food and processed through the gut send positive and negative signals to the brain that can affect mood, behaviors and your ability to think creatively to find solutions to problems. Every system in the body is affected by the nutrients that are consumed by an individual. Nutrients are absorbed and transferred to the rest of the body through the digestive system. Studies are starting to show just how much of an effect the gut has on the brain and person’s cognitive flexibility.

Researchers at Oregon State University aimed to discover the correlation between a high-sugar, high-fat diets and one’s cognitive flexibility. They tested mice using several different types of diets. The mice underwent water maze testing and were monitored for mental and physical changes. They concluded that this diet brings about negative effects on the brain and one’s ability to adapt to change. Fats and sugars are core to what is known as the Western diet. This study starts to prove that this diet is a problem in our society, for it hinders the brain from thinking quickly and creatively when issues arise.

Make Your Gut Happy and Increase Your Ability to Think Clearly!

You might be asking, “Well then, how can I help my gut promote cognitive flexibility?” Start by using probiotics! Plenty of foods contain probiotics like yogurt and kombucha tea, but an even easier method of charging your system with probiotics is to use probiotic supplements like Probonix. This supplement is actually 10 times more effective than probiotic yogurt and with a 30-day money back guarantee, there’s not much to lose! Keeping your gut happy and healthy can also boost your immune system and help your body fight against disease. Give your brain an advantage by supplying it with the nutrients that encourage cognitive flexibility and growth!

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