HHP Expert – Becca Coffin – Knowing Your Family’s Why

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Mental and Emotional Health, People, Podcast

HHP Expert - Becca Coffin - Knowing Your Family's WhyOn this week’s show, Amy and Dr. B. are joined by Becca Coffin, an intentional living coach, to discuss living intentionally, the importance of identifying core values, and the dangers of fear-based decision making. Becca talks about how her background with her local church and project management led her down the path to become an intentional living coach. They discuss why so many people are living on autopilot, living in survival mode, or just aren’t feeling fulfilled by life. Becca describes the process of intentional living coaching, starting by identifying core values, then trying to establish a “why”. She describes how her approach differs between individuals and families and why children are often the catalyst for many of these issues to rise to the surface. They talk about why the “we’re too busy” excuse often does not hold up when activities filling that time are brought to light. Becca also talks about fear and guilt-based decision making, the some of the most common core values people define for themselves, and why it’s often okay to say no. You can find more about Becca and intentional living coaching at beccacoffin.com.

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