HHP Dimensions of Health: Mental – Resolved to Have a Good Year

by | Jan 18, 2018 | From Our Team, Healthy Lifestyle, Mental and Emotional Health, People, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast -Dimensions of Health: Mental - Resolved to Have a Good YearA New Year means it’s time for a new podcast! Today is all about goal setting. We all make promises for the New Year, but very few of us actually follow through on our resolutions. Amy tells Dr. B. all about the SMART system that she uses for goal setting, and Dr. B. fires back with some discussion about “guilt goals”. Our personal goals often seem so lofty we never actually start them. How do you fit goals that take genuine effort into a life that’s already too busy? What goals are realistic and attainable without transforming into overwhelming guilt when we fall off? Amy and Dr. B. work through these questions by sharing their own 2018 goals and how they hope to work them into their lives. As an added challenge, Amy asks Dr. B. to categorize each of his goals by where they fit into the dimensions of health.

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