HHP – Dr. Brittany Henderson, MD, What You Must Know About Hashimoto’s Disease

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Health Conditions, People, Podcast

HHP Expert - HHP Expert - Dr. Rajiv Sharma: Pursuit of Gut Happiness, Edition 2 - Humarian Health PodcastOn this week’s show, Amy and Dr. B. are joined by Brittany Henderson, MD, to discuss her book, What You Must Know About Hashimoto’s Disease: Restoring Thyroid Health Through Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Dr. Henderson talks about her background as a board-certified endocrinologist and what led her to open a thyroid-specific practice and writing a book on Hashimoto’s disease. She discusses the overall prevalence of hypothyroidism, how suffering from one autoimmune disease can make you more susceptible to other autoimmune issues, and outlines some of the major symptoms of thyroid issues, like fatigue, weight gain, reproductive health, constipation, and feelings of “brain fog”. They spend some time discussing how thyroid health is still massively under-diagnosed in relation to fertility issues and why we see so many instances of postpartum thyroiditis, a form of Hashimoto’s disease that arises after pregnancy. Dr. Henderson gives a thorough explanation of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and how it is currently used to evaluate thyroid hormone levels in the body, as well as the thyroid’s relationship to body temperature and birth control. The group then discusses dietary concerns, including what to eat and what to avoid. Dr. Henderson ends the show by offering three pieces of advice for those that may be suffering from thyroid conditions. You can find Dr. Henderson’s book at amazon.com and wherever books are sold.

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