HHP – Dr. Towle: Pet Dental Health Month

by | Feb 14, 2018 | From Our Team, Pets, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast - Dr. Towle: Pet Dental HealthDid you know that 70% of dogs have gingivitis by the age of 3?! On this week’s show, we welcome back our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Julie Towle, to talk about the importance of dental health in animals and some things pet owners can do to help them. Dr. Towle joins Amy and Dr. B to discuss owner neglect, food quality now vs. 50 years ago, and how to tell if an animal has gingivitis. They also discuss the effects poor dental health can have on an animal’s overall health, how to establish good dental hygiene habits early on, and tips for keeping your pet’s teeth clean. Dr. B also talks about his pet raccoon for a while. You’re definitely going to want to hear all about it!

If you missed our first podcast with Dr. Towle, it’s well worth a listen. Thanks for listening to the Humarian Health podcast where we’re spilling our guts for the wellbeing of yours! Check out the Humarian Health podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

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