HHP Expert – Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, with Pawcurious Animal Pain Awareness Month

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Pets, Podcast


HHP Expert - Dr. Vogelsang, Animal Pain Awareness - Humarian Health

On this week’s show, Dr B. is joined by author and veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang with Pawcurious to discuss pain related to Animal Pain Awareness Month. They discuss how to recognize when an animal is in pain, acute pain vs. chronic pain, why certain breeds of animals are better at enduring pain than others, and why the stoic animals are the ones we need to keep the closest eye on. Dr Vogelsang discusses how the pet’s role in the family has changed family dynamics and priorities over time, and how this has helped raise awareness for chronic and acute pain in pets. She talks about some common signs that a pet might be in pain, like cats that stop using the litter box, large dogs that seem to be slowing down, or animals with decreased appetites. She also talks about current treatments to manage chronic pain in animals, why opioids are typically used only as a last resort, and why the best preventative measure is making sure your pet is at a healthy weight. Dr. B. asks about the CBD oil craze and if the veterinary community has found it to be a valuable tool for animals. Dr. Vogelsang discusses the ethical conundrum of euthanasia in animals and the importance of finding a veterinarian trained in palliative care for animals facing end-of-life scenarios. They end by discussing the exciting prospects of telemedicine and why it could prove to be important in the future of hospice care. You can find more from Dr. Vogelsang at pawcurious.com.

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