HHP Expert - HHP Expert - Dr. Rajiv Sharma: Pursuit of Gut Happiness, Edition 2 - Humarian Health PodcastOn this week’s show, Amy and Dr. B are joined by Dr. Donald S. Teig, author of High Performance Vision, to talk about visual performance in sports and in life. Dr. Teig starts by talking about his background in psychology and how that shaped his interest in all aspects of visual performance. Dr. Teig explains how depth perception, peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and many other visual parameters all factor into vision performance. They discuss the impact of stress on vision and why athletes often report improved visual performance when they’re “in the zone”. Dr. Teig talks about the phrase, “keep your eye on the ball” and how he teaches baseball players to put it to practical use. They also discuss the impact of dominant vs. non-dominant eyes in sports performance, non-sport applications like reading, and how to tell which of your eyes is dominant. They end by talking about the visual impact of concussions in sports.

You can find Dr. Teig’s book, High Performance Vision, on Amazon.com, Squareonepublishers.com, and wherever books are sold. You can find out more about Dr. Teig at highperformancevisionassociates.com.

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