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by | Dec 3, 2019 | Health Conditions, People, Podcast

HHP Expert - HHP Expert - Dr. Rajiv Sharma: Pursuit of Gut Happiness, Edition 2 - Humarian Health PodcastOn this week’s show, Dr. B is joined by James Templeton to discuss his book, I Used to Have Cancer: How I Found My Own Way Back to Health. James tells Dr. B about his background as a successful business and family man, his family’s history with cancer, and why that history led him to become a fitness fanatic. He talks about his stage 4 melanoma diagnosis, and his subsequent depression, job loss, divorce, and news that cancer had spread to his lymphatic system. After learning that he’d have at best a 20% chance to live 3-5 more years with conventional therapies, James was ready to throw in the towel. He tells Dr. B how he found the will to push on and discovered the keys to his recovery: the macrobiotic diet, overloading on vitamin C, and visualizing recovery. It has now been 33 years since James’ initial cancer diagnosis. James tells us what he’s been up to since then, including starting his own nutritional supplement company, writing this book, and started a nonprofit organization called Templeton Wellness. You can find I Used to Have Cancer: How I Found My Own Way Back to Health on amazon.com, iusedtohavecancer.com, and wherever books are sold.

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