HHP Expert | Sandra Kaufmann: Why We Age and How to Stop It | HumarianOn this week’s show, Amy and Dr. B. are joined by Sandra Kaufmann to discuss her new book, The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop It. Amy and Dr. B. ask Dr. Kaufmann about her background as a tropical ecologist and plant physiologist, why she decided to become an anesthesiologist, and how she used her diverse scientific background to unravel the mysteries of aging. She explains why the Kaufmann Protocol is the first ever comprehensive scientific system to explain why we age and what we can do to decelerate that process. Dr. Kaufmann outlines her protocol by detailing the seven core tenents of aging in and describing how she categorizes them. She then explains the Kaufmann 1-7 rating system she uses to quantify the effectiveness of molecular agents on each category and how using these systems in tandem can help to determine which molecular agents to use to help your biggest aging issues. You can find The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop It on amazon.com and wherever books are sold. You can find the Kaufmann Protocol app on iOS and the Google Play Store.

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