HHP – Frankenfoods – Grocery Shopping Inside Out?

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Diet and Exercise, From Our Team, Healthy Lifestyle, People, Podcast

HHP - Grocery Shopping
To close out our Frankenfoods journey, Amy and Dr. Benzinger take a trip to the grocery store. Ok, they don’t actually go to the the grocery store, but they do talk about why it’s best to shop around the edges of a grocery store, how to grocery shop for healthy food on a budget, and how to include your kids in the shopping process and teach them to make healthy choices.

Then they bring in Dr. Bentley to “gut check” their thoughts and pick his brain about how to make the best choices when grocery shopping, if there’s truth to the mentality that it’s too expensive to eat healthily all the time, some of the most prevalent medical issues that people suffer from, and how someone could change how they look at grocery shopping to help address those issues.

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