HHP – Frankenfoods – Monsters or Miracles?

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Diet and Exercise, Podcast

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I know what you’re thinking…this episode must be about a long-lost recipe from Mary Shelly. That does sound fun, but no!  It’s about Frankenfoods, a classification of food products that are highly refined, pre-packaged, low nutrient, and laden with chemicals.

Frankenfoods are everywhere in the world of food today. They’re in our restaurants, in our grocery stores, and in our homes. In today’s episode, Amy and the docs will discuss examples of frankenfoods, what kind of damage can they do, and how you avoid them.

Listen closely to Dr. Bentley’s gut check (or fast forward to about 12:30) and you’ll hear him a drop an “intesteresting” explanation of sugar highs!

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