HHP Expert - Gila Kurtz, with Dog is Good - National Walk Your Dog Week

On this week’s show, we welcome Gila Kurtz for National Walk Your Dog Week. Gila joins Amy and Dr. B. to talk about her website, Dog is Good, and her book, Fur Covered Wisdom: A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World. Gila discusses her background as a professional dog trainer and what inspired her to create Dog is Good. They talk about why Dog is Good is more focused on the messages than the products themselves, and Gila shares some of her favorite messages that customers have latched onto. She also explains how she is able to incorporate fitness into her pet’s life as well as her own and why it is NOT selfish to prioritize your own health so highly. Gila wraps up by talking about one of the most important lessons her dog has taught her. Gila’s book can be purchased at dogisgood.com and wherever books are sold. You can find more about Gila at dogisgood.com.