HHP Expert – Liz Howerth, Family Counselor

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Mental and Emotional Health, People, Podcast

HHP Expert | Liz Howerth, Family Counselor | Humarian Health PodcastOn this week’s show, family counselor Liz Howerth joins Amy and Dr. B. to discuss counseling, self-motivation, and the importance of being honest with ourselves. Liz tells us how she got started and why she decided to become a family counselor. The gang discusses the nature of counseling and where it fits within the paradigm of therapy, psychology, and psychiatry, and they touch on recent shifts of acceptance in the public perception of counseling being a normal part of good mental health maintenance. Liz talks about EMDR and other modalities that are common in therapy today and discusses the applications of leading with advice vs. acting as a mirror and leading patients to come to their own realizations. She also discusses the importance of self-motivation in patients, the impact it can have on growth and general progress in counseling, and why Liz goes to counseling too!

Amy asks Liz about how to begin seeking counseling, how to measure progress, how to set goals, what to expect of your counselor and yourself, and why counseling might be worth a shot for those that haven’t tried it. Liz ends the show with a word of encouragement about being honest with ourselves.

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