HHP Expert – Megan Gilmore, Counselor and Coach

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Mental and Emotional Health, People, Podcast

HHP Expert | Megan Gilmore, Counselor and Coach - HumarianOur guest this week is Megan Gilmore, executive director of Lark’s Song. Megan is a professional coach with a focus on positive psychology. Megan sits down with Amy and Dr. B. to chat about how she got into professional coaching and what led to the creation of Lark’s Song. She talks about the mission of Lark’s Song and how it helps clients to overcome obstacles and challenges on the way to wellbeing that they might not be able to overcome by themselves. Megan also describes the benefits of positive psychology, why habit formation is such an important component of professional coaching, some of the major differences between coaching and counseling, and why clients are the best experts on themselves.

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