HHP Expert – Sara Hemmick, Athletic Trainer in Private Practice

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Alternative Medicine, People, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast- Expert Series - HHP Expert - Sara Hemmick, Athletic Trainer in Private PracticeOn this week’s show, Amy and Dr. B. are joined by Sara Hemmick, athletic trainer and owner of Myo-Fit. Sara joins the cast to talk about athletic training and how Myo-Fit differs from normal athletic training by specializing in manual therapy, or manipulative therapy. She educates us on the difference between manual therapy and physical therapy, why it’s so important to properly distinguish between the two, why manual therapy is so much more important in today’s world than it was 30 years ago and why her catch phrase is “soften, lengthen, strengthen.” Sara also talks about some of the instrument-assisted treatments she uses, like cupping and scraping. She outlines the benefits of these treatments and explains why controlled inflammation can be beneficial.

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