Introducing Bundles for Humarian Probiotics

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Probiotic Blog, Product Information

Product Update: Introducing Bundles for Adult, Women, Newborn/Infant, Toddler/Children, Children Advanced, Dog, and Cat Probonix!

In an effort to simplify our product offerings, Humarian will be discontinuing our adult 2-month varieties. We are aware that many of our customers use the 2-month bottles for the cost-benefit, so we want to make sure cost-effective options are still available. This is where bundles come into play! We will be offering bundles that contain two 1-month bottles for 15% off the normal price and bundle subscriptions for an extra 7% discount on top of that. Adult and Children Advanced have also been updated with new and improved packaging that Toddler/Children, Newborn/Infant and Women Probonix received earlier this year.

As an added bonus, these bundles will be available for every one of our 30-day supply Probonix probiotic products. This means more budget-friendly options are available for Women, Newborn/Infant, Toddler/Children, Children Advanced, Dog, and Cat Probonix too!

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