Lactobacillus Casei Proves: Prevention Saves Money!

by | May 28, 2015 | Probiotic Blog

Hospitals are not usually a fun place to be. Everyone can generally agree that the less complications you experience in the hospital, the better.

There are many medications that a patient must take during treatment and recovery phases. Many times those patients will have adverse reactions to the medications, like the common side-effect of antibiotic associated diarrhea (AAD). Wouldn’t it be great to offer an easy way for patients to avoid this uncomfortable situation?

Often, hospitals will try to keep patients infection-free through the costly method of isolation, but scientists are now discovering that commercial probiotic drinks carrying the strand lactobacillus casei can more effectively reduce the occurrence of AAD during antibiotic treatment.

A study conducted in Germany tested the theory that a commercially available drink containing lactobacillus casei could prevent AAD and reduce costs. They analyzed bowel movements in 258 patients while giving 107 of them a probiotic drink containing 10 billion cultures of lactobacillus casei. The antibiotic with the highest rate of AAD in this trail was Ampicillin, with common occurrences in 50% of patients. This study found that the number of patients affected by AAD reduced by 92% because of preventative treatment with probiotics.

Prevention with Probiotics

Probiotics introduce large amounts of healthy bacteria to the gut, which serve as a layer of protection for the rest of your body. They boost immunity by helping your gut digest and pass along the waste going through your system.

Prevention works and it should never be overlooked! It is cheaper in the long run to prevent illnesses, disorders, and diseases than it is to treat them. People are realizing everyday that the best medicine is a health lifestyle. Whole foods, exercise, and supplements like probiotics are important first steps to take on the road to a wonderful healthy well-being.


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