Probiotics Saving the World!

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Probiotic Blog

Probiotics are changing the future for poverty stricken regions all over the world.  Researchers have discovered a strain of probiotics that can be added to foods, particularly a probiotic dried seed, allowing the food to last and retain its nutrients for a longer period of time. This means less sickness, better digestive health and a more effective use of resources for communities without access. Never underestimate the power of the microscopic!

BioMed Central published an article detailing the probiotic strains, experiments and production of a probiotic dried seed culture that is ready to use in the under-developed world. Here are some of the highlights!

Major Benefits of this Probiotic Dried Seed Culture

1. Preservation

When you have limited resources, effectively using what you have is of the utmost importance. Adding probiotics to  staple foods such as milk, fruit and cereal-based foods can significantly help out a household that cannot afford to waste anything due to spoilage. Studies in Africa have shown that a specific probiotic strain effectively suppressed five common pathogens in an African dairy product. Probiotics are keeping food better, longer.

2. Nutrition

Adding probiotics to food can also aid in the delivery of vitamins. Researchers discovered a 3-fold increase in vitamin B1 because of the fermentation process.

3. Digestion

Probiotics are well known for their ability to keep your digestion balanced. By using probiotics in foods, studies have shown that it greatly reduces the occurrence of diarrhea. Gastro-intestinal problems are quite common in under-developed areas, for they generally lack proper nutrients and are therefore susceptible to food-born illness.

The benefits of probiotics keep adding up! Whether it’s in a daily supplement form or in a probiotic dried seed culture, probiotics are helping people all over the world live a healthy life. The beginning of a healthy life, is a healthy gut, full of good bacteria. See results for yourself and try probiotics today!


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