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How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics work by different mechanisms depending on the type. Some antibiotics disrupt protein synthesis, while others disrupt DNA repair or damage the cell membrane, but all antibiotics have a common goal: to nullify bacteria by killing them or eliminating their ability to replicate. To learn more about different kinds of antibiotics, check out our Antibiotics and Probiotics blog. The problem with antibiotics is that they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria. They kill any bacteria – good or bad, even the beneficial ones in your gut! Your body is host to a wide range of healthy bacteria that help to protect you and defend you from harmful pathogens. When antibiotics kill off large numbers of these healthy bacteria, it can give the bad bacteria room to multiply and leave you vulnerable to other kinds of infections. Many health-related issues can result from this bacterial imbalance, such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD), abdominal cramps, Leaky Gut, and yeast infections.

How can taking a probiotic help me when I’m on antibiotics?

Probiotics can help to offset the negative effects of antibiotics. While antibiotics are fighting off harmful bacteria, they are also killing good bacteria. Supplementing with a probiotic can help to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria that is being killed off by the antibiotics. These good bacteria help to combat some of the immediate side effects of antibiotics, like antibiotic associated diarrhea and abdominal cramps. More importantly, scientific evidence indicates that they can help prevent more adverse effects on long-term health that can result from a lack of healthy bacteria, like colitis. This can be especially important for children on antibiotics, as the balance of bacteria in their gut is still developing.

Doesn’t Probonix help me while taking antibiotics? What makes Probonix Restore better?

It is absolutely true that Probonix will help to repopulate the gut flora while on antibiotics.  But Probonix Restore is even better because it contains a mixture of probiotics scientifically formulated to both restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut and help to stave off some of the most common negative side effects associated with antibiotics.  The probiotic mixture in Probonix Restore contains a higher concentration of Bifidobacterium than Probonix.  A large majority of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics kill off Bifidobacterium, while only some of the more common antibiotics are harmful to Lactobacillus, so Probonix Restore is best equipped to repopulate a battered Bifidobacterium population. Probonix Restore also contains higher concentrations of strains that help to protect against antibiotic side effects, like upset stomach, allergic responses, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and even particularly nasty conditions like Clostridium difficile (C.diff).

Other probiotics have more CFU per dose than Probonix Restore. Aren’t those better?

Common sense would indicate that more is better when we’re trying to put something good into our bodies, but CFU per dose is only a small single aspect of an effective probiotic. The piece of the puzzle that most people overlook is the survival rate. When you take a probiotic supplement, only a small portion of those healthy bacteria survive the journey through the stomach acid. It may say 3 billion per dose, but most probiotics on the market would be lucky to have 10% of those 3 billion make it through the stomach and into the gut.

This is where Probonix Restore’s proprietary acid formula really shines. Our acid mixture coats the healthy bacteria and helps them adapt to the acidic environment of the stomach as they pass through. This allows them to survive in much greater numbers than competing products. In fact, we have conducted extensive research to prove this point. According to this research, Probonix had a survival rate that was 12 times higher than top rated competing products, and Probonix Restore uses the same proprietary acid formula as our other Probonix products. Competing products may promise more probiotics per dose, but Probonix Restore will get more of them alive and to your gut.

I’m taking an antibiotic now. When and how do I take Probonix Restore?

You should start taking Probonix Restore immediately upon starting an antibiotic regimen. Take it until you finish the entire bottle. It should last you roughly 60 days. After you finish the bottle, you are free to return to a standard Probonix product. Ideally, you want to leave a gap of approximately two hours between taking Probonix Restore and taking your antibiotic. Without this gap, the antibiotic may kill off many of the healthy bacteria provided by Probonix Restore.

Do I take Probonix Restore while taking Probonix, or should I only take Probonix Restore?

Probonix Restore is meant to be taken in place your standard Probonix temporarily. Switch back to your main Probonix formulation after you finish the entire bottle of Restore.

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