FAQs – General Probiotic Questions

Who should take a probiotic?

Probiotics are beneficial for everyone. Research indicates 70-90% of your immune system is found in your gut and probiotics help you maintain a balance of healthy bacteria. In fact, healthy bacteria (also known as flora) is one of your main defense mechanisms to fight bugs and other organisms that can make you ill. So if you are a mammal (you are) and you have a digestive system (you do) then probiotics are good for you!

Do probiotics really help with the long list of medical conditions they claim to?

Absolutely. Our clients have reported that Probonix has helped with bloating, gas, constipation, IBS, lactose intolerance, digestive issues, weight loss, sinus issues, allergy relief, seasonal allergies, and more. In addition, research in the scientific community indicates probiotics help relieve or eliminate these conditions and more. A longer list of medical issues that can be helped by probiotics can be found here.

Can probiotics help me lose weight?

A study published on January 29, 2014 in Women’s Health showed the following…

“After the 12-week weight-loss period, the women who took the probiotic pills had lost 9.7 pounds, on average, while the women who took the placebos only lost 5.7 pounds. And then, after the 12-week maintenance period, the women who took the placebo pills maintained a stable weight—but the probiotics group continued to slim down, losing 1.8 more pounds, on average. By the study’s end, the women in the probiotics group also had less of the intestinal bacteria related to obesity in their systems.”

You can view the article in its entirety here.

Can probiotics really help with stress and depression?

Absolutely. Our clients have reported that Probonix has helped with bloating, gas, constipation, IBS, lactose intolerance, digestive issues, weight loss, sinus issues, allergy relief, seasonal allergies, and more. In addition, research in the scientific community indicates probiotics help relieve or eliminate these conditions and more. A longer list of medical issues that can be helped by probiotics can be found here.

Your digestive system actually produces more neurotransmitters than your brain does. In fact, it is estimated that 95% of the neurotransmitters produced in your body come from the gut and only 5% comes from the brain. This is why you experience a better sense of well-being when your gut is healthy. We believe that many men, women and children could avoid antidepressants and psychotropic medications altogether just by enhancing their digestive system with healthy foods and an excellent probiotic such as Probonix.

Are probiotic brands that claim to have millions of CFUs better than others?

No. Definitely not. They can claim to have a trillion live bacteria packed into their probiotic supplement. The only number that really matters is the number of bacteria that make it through the harsh stomach acid and into your intestines alive. And the only real reason they put so many millions of bacteria into their supplements is because they have NO idea how many are going to make it through alive. Probonix has gone to great lengths to do scientific testing to ensure that the maximum effective dosage makes it through – without overloading you with lots of unnecessary extra bacteria. (To get a better explanation of CFUs and the importance of them surviving the journey through your stomach, download the free e-guide.

What is a CFU?

It stands for Colony Forming Unit which is a single colony of bacteria. Learn more about CFUs in our blog post.

Do I have to refrigerate my probiotics?

It depends what kind you buy and how they were prepared. If the manufacturer recommends refrigeration, you can assume several things about that probiotic supplement:

  1. It will have a shorter shelf life – meaning the live bacteria won’t live as long
  2. The live bacteria were probably put into the supplements when they were in the growth phase – meaning they were well into their life cycle – already replicating and using up nutrients
  3. The refrigeration is necessary to prevent the bacteria from being accelerated into the full growth phase by heat or moisture, so keeping them refrigerated is very important or the supplements will go bad and you will waste a lot of money.

FAQS – Probonix Probiotics

(including Children’s and Women’s Formulas)

Are Probonix products “all natural?”

Yes! Our products are completely natural and use only the finest quality probiotic strains available. They are gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free, meaning they are suitable for virtually everyone to use without side effects.

Are Probonix products safe?

Yes, our formulas are made from the finest ingredients and carefully formulated and tested. They are non-addictive and free from side effects.

Is Probonix safe for infants and toddlers?

Yes, both Adult Probonix and Children’s Probonix are safe for infants and toddlers – the dosage is 6 drops per day for children under 30 lbs and 8 drops per day for children over 30 lbs. Probonix products are very beneficial for infants and toddlers that often don’t have well developed immune systems. The liquid formulation also makes it extremely easy to administer to infants and toddlers – just add to any type of non-heated liquid, or place directly in the mouth just before nursing.”

Are Probonix products safe for vegetarians?

Yes, we don’t use any animal products in our formulas. However, our product is grown in milk and therefore is not considered vegan friendly.

I’m on a gluten-free diet, can I still use these products?

Yes, all of our products are completely gluten-free and will not cause any symptoms associated with gluten intolerance.

How do I take Probonix?

Shake well before use. Place dose directly on tongue and swallow . Or place dose into non-heated beverage of your choice and swallow. Please don’t put it in any hot beverage (110 degrees or hotter) as the heat will destroy the good bacteria.

What is the proper dosage?

Adults and children over 30 lbs 8 drops daily. Infants and children under 30 lbs 6 drops daily.

How long will one bottle last me?

30 Days

How long should I use Probonix?

We would strongly recommend you use Probonix on a continual basis to help you achieve optimal health. It is one of the top everyday supplements you can use to ensure you are doing everything possible to prevent disease and keep your body feeling its best.

How long after starting Probonix will I notice a difference in my health?

This will vary from person to person. Many people notice a difference almost immediately (within 24 hours), others take longer to notice changes. The time needed to notice a difference is often based on each individual’s unique physiology and health status. Very healthy clients sometimes don’t notice a difference at all because nothing ails them, but they continue to take Probonix because they know a probiotic is needed to counteract today’s processed foods, artificial additives and products laden with antibiotics such as meat and dairy. Antibiotics do not know friend from foe, thus they kill good and bad bacteria and these health conscious individuals know that a probiotic is a staple to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Why do Probonix products help with these issues?

70-90% of your immune system surrounds your gut, as this is the main portal by which most things such as bacteria, viruses, molds and toxins gain entry into your body. Probonix products have been scientifically proven to pass through the acidic environment of the stomach (most probiotics are destroyed here) and go into your gut. While living there, the Probonix cultures seek out and destroy mold toxins and bad bacteria while repopulating the healthy bacteria your body needs to function at its best.

How does Probonix compare to other probiotics?

Probonix has a proprietary, world-exclusive formula that enables the live bacteria cultures to pass through the destructive and acidic environment of your stomach and into your gut where they are needed the most. Unfortunately, the CFUs in most probiotics, whether in pill or capsule form (even enteric-coated), are destroyed by the acid of your stomach. In our lab, scientific comparisons that simulate the acidic environment of the stomach result in Probonix outperforming the competition.

Why do so many live Probonix probiotic cells make it through into the intestine?

The medical team that developed Probonix created a highly innovative way to coat the probiotic cells with acid to protect them from damaging stomach acid and bile. Currently, this is the ONLY process that has been scientifically tested and proven to protect live probiotic cultures all the way into the intestines. All other probiotics use untested and unproven methods including several methods of micro-encapsulation such as spray drying, extrusion, emulsion and phase separation, but research indicates none of these reported methods has resulted in the large numbers of shelf-stable, viable probiotic bacteria.

I’ve heard that probiotics can cause additional gas and bloating?

Although rare, additional gas and bloating may occur when using probiotics. On the rare occasion this has happened with Probonix, it has been because Probonix is designed to seek out and kill mold toxins and bad bacteria. When this toxic mold and bad bacteria is destroyed, some temporary gas and bloating may occur. If you experience gas or bloating, we recommend that you decrease to 1 drop once a day and allow your body to process through this issue. You may gradually increase the dosage again once the gas or bloating has passed. Again this a rare issue, and reducing the dosage temporarily has always fixed the issue.

I’m taking prescription medication, will Probonix products interfere with my medication?

We’ve designed Probonix products so that everyone can use them regardless of their current health situation. These products should not interact with any prescription medications. However, we do strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before starting any Probonix regimen.

Can I use Probonix if I’m pregnant?

Yes, it’s very important for pregnant women to maintain good gut health – possibly even more important as your body needs so many nutrients during this time. We do still recommend you consult with your doctor before using our product.

Are Probonix products guaranteed?

They sure are! We are so confident that Probonix will make you healthier and happy that we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. So you really have nothing to lose. Click here to order your first 30-days’ worth of Probonix today.

How do Probonix products compare in price to other probiotics?

Probonix products are competitively priced compared to other probiotics on the market. Plus, there truly is nothing else like it in the world, so it represents an incredible value for the price. And when you consider that most regular probiotics are destroyed by the stomach acid, you end up paying for something that won’t even make it where it is needed the most… your gut! The most expensive product in the world is one that doesn’t work.

Do Probonix products go bad or have an expiration date?

Probonix products have a substantially longer shelf life than most other probiotics – they remain good for 2 years after from the date of manufacturing. An expiration date is provided on the side of each bottle. Remember Probonix products do not need to be refrigerated before or after opening.


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