At Humarian, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We source the highest quality raw ingredients. Each shipment of our acids, inulin, probiotics, stevia, monk fruit, and organic flavoring is lab certified upon arrival and re-verified at multiple steps throughout the production process. GMP certification is very important, so here’s a quick snapshot of what it means to be GMP-certified. We believe making a high-quality product means more than just following the GMP guidelines, but we’ll talk about that more at the end.

First, the process: Our probiotics are grown based on generational strength. That means that we grow the first strain, let it reproduce, and then challenge the first generation against the second. The stronger of the two generations is selected and then challenged against the third generation. This happens up to six times, depending on how the resiliency of the strain is evaluated.

All of our raw materials arrive at our manufacturer, where they are held in a separate holding area. The raw materials are independently sampled. Then individual samples are removed and sent to an FDA-approved lab for verification testing. Once the verification tests are complete, the raw materials are combined into our various proprietary formulas and flavors. During manufacturing, bottles are randomly removed from each batch and retested by an independent lab before they become available for sale. Once all testing has been completed, the manufacturer creates a certification of analysis that ships with each probiotic shipment.

Our customers are looking for the best probiotic on the market. From the quality of our raw materials, to the independent testing of each manufacturing step, to the formulas that are uniquely designed for each person in your family, Humarian is doing its best to deliver just that. Learn more about our process and quality standards.

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