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Do you suffer from a stuffy nose, puffy eyes, or other seasonal allergies?

Seasonal allergies come around every year, but Probonix can help.

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Spring is around the corner (yay), but so is allergy season (boo).  Seasonal allergies arise when your body identifies a harmless airbone substance as a source of danger.  Your immune system responds by releasing histamines into your bloodstreams.  These histamines cause allergic reactions like sneezing, runny nose, headaches, and puffy eyes.

Seasonal allergies are a yearly pain for many people, but Probonix can help!  Certain strains of probiotics naturally reduce histamine levels, such as Bifidobacterium bifidum B. bifidum reduces histamine levels by discouraging the production of histamine. By helping to keep the amount of bad bacteria under control, B.bifidum reduces stress in the gut and prevents the need for histamine release.  B. bifidum and other strains that naturally reduce histamine levels can be found in all Probonix probiotics.

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Probonix has been a true blessing for both me and my son. We have both suffered from severe “seasonal” and other allergies (treated with both prescription pills and nasal sprays) along with chronic reflux.

Thanks to Probonix, we are both no longer taking reflux or allergy meds (along with all their yucky side effects; ugh, the dry mouth and dry nasal passages!). Can’t say enough great things about this product. Thanks Probonix for the “healing” of our gut which has been huge for our overall/whole body healing process!


Love this product! I have had itchy ears, allergies and sinus problems for my entire life. I have been taking this for a month and haven’t taken any allergy pills or ear drops! It’s absolutely amazing!

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Allergic Rhinitis reduced with Probiotics

by Dr. Shawn Benzinger, D.C., DABCO, FIAMA.| April 23, 2015

Allergic Rhinitis is a known allergic reaction of nasal airways, and research is showing that probiotics could be an great treatment alternative. Allergic rhinitis occurs when allergens such as dust, pollen, hair or animal dander is inhaled by a person with sensitized immune system. The allergen triggers antibody immunoglobulin production that binds basophilis and mast cells containing histamine.

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The Science Behind Probonix

Stomach and intestinal issues cost billions of dollars annually to treat and manage in the US. The doctors and medical team at Humarian developed their line of unique Probonix formulas to offer a more effective supplement to relieve a wide range of digestive issues.

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How Probonix Works

About 60-70% of your body’s immune system is located in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract – to help prevent molds, viruses, and other harmful substances from gaining access to your body. Your GI tract naturally contains both “good” bacteria (known as probiotics or microflora) and “bad” bacteria. Researchers recommend that you maintain a healthy ratio of approximately 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria.

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How to get a happy stomach

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