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HHP – Geoff Bond – Paleo in a Nutshell

Today, our guest is Geoff Bond, author of Paleo in a Nutshell: Living and Eating the Way Nature Intended. Dr. Benzinger sits down with Geoff to discuss… Geoff’s upbringing, and how that informed his interest in eating well. How in the mid-2000’s, Paleo became the...

HHP – Dr. Julie Towle – Dogs, Cats & Probiotics, Oh My!

Welcome back to part 2 of our talk with Humarian’s newest team member, veterinarian Dr. Julie Towle. In today's discussion, Amy and Dr. Benzinger talk to Dr. Towle about probiotics and pets. Here are just a few of the topics discussed: Why are there so many new pet...

6 Truths of Probiotics - The Best Probiotic in the World - Humarian and Probonix

Learn 6 Truths about probiotics. Pick the right probiotic for you and your family.


Meet The Humarian Leadership Team

The Humarian team brings over 44 years of clinical patient care and over 84 years in the affiliated healthcare market place. Our products are designed to meet unique health and wellness needs. Our product design approach utilizes sound research and clinical judgment to produce the most effective, economical, and safe products on the market.

Shawn R. Benzinger, DC

Shawn R. Benzinger, DC

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Benzinger is chiropractic physician, speaker and the co-founder of Humarian. He was a national talk show host for 21 years. He has over 35 years of integrated medical experience. He specializes in musculo-skeletal and nutritional management for elite athletes across the country.

Ryan Bentley, MD, PhD, DC

Ryan Bentley, MD, PhD, DC

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Ryan Bentley is a physician, researcher, author, educator and national speaker. He has a passion for health and helping people live their best possible lives.

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6 Truths You Need to Know Before Choosing a Probiotic

Learn 6 Truths about probiotics. Pick the right probiotic for you and your family.

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