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Do you or your baby have white patches in your mouths from thrush?

Thrush can be uncomfortable, but probiotics could help.

Thrush, also known as Candida overgrowth, is a common yeast infection that can grow in the mouth and throat.  It is most common in infants, but it can also occur in adults. Thrush is not a dangerous condition, but it can be a source of discomfort and minor pain, especially for infants.  Thrush often occurs in infants that have been taking antibiotics to fight off other infections or infants whose mothers had yeast infections during birth.  

Thrush is most commonly treated using antifungal medication.  Sometimes, antifungal medication gets rid of thrush, but it comes back shortly thereafter because antifungal medication doesn’t address bacterial imbalances that allow Candida to grow unchecked.  This is where Probonix comes into play.  Probiotics help to restore proper bacterial balance after antibiotics wreak havoc on healthy bacteria in the body.  A healthy microbiota is important for keeping bad bacteria and yeast infections at bay.  By restoring balance to the bacteria population in the body, probiotics create an environment in which Candida cannot easily grow unchecked. 

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Bought this for our 1-year-old daughter. She had a bad case of thrush after being sick with a fever for a week. She was at the point where she wouldn’t eat at all because of how her mouth hurt. We were reduced to feeding her formula with a syringe because that was the only thing she would open her mouth for. Within 36 hours of giving her these drops, her mouth had visibly cleared up and she began eating again. Over continued usage of a few more days, her thrush in her mouth cleared up completely and the corresponding appetite loss and diaper rash also improved noticeably. What a relief! We’re considering getting some for the whole family.


We bought this to treat my newborn daughter’s thrush. I was on 3 courses of antibiotics in the last month of pregnancy, along with antibiotics given during c section. We noticed thrush on her tongue at a few weeks old. She has been taking these drops for 2 weeks and her tongue is no longer white, she acts happier when eating, and the dry skin (possible yeast) on her forehead and eyebrows is clearing up too. As a newborn, we give her 6 drops a day in a bottle of milk. Taste of the drops doesn’t seem to be noticeable to her.


​I’m convinced this product helped get rid of my infants reoccurring oral Thrush. I’ve continued giving Probonix to to my son throughout his 1st year, and he had only been sick with a cold once. So, beyond fighting yeast, this product has been key in protecting and boosting his immune system. Very thankful for Probonix.

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