The SCIENCE Behind Probonix

Stomach and intestinal issues cost billions of dollars annually to treat and manage in the US. The doctors and medical team at Humarian developed their line of unique Probonix formulas to offer a more effective supplement to relieve or eliminate a wide range of digestive issues.

The Humarian medical team is dedicated to utilizing innovative, state of the art formulations as well as unique, high quality ingredients. Development of this product line was based on thorough, sound research and clinical judgment to design the most effective, economical, and safe products on the market.

Breakthrough Technology

At the heart of the science behind Probonix, is the breakthrough of using fermentation technology. The research team immediately realized that the primary focus of their efforts must be the survival of the bacterial cultures through the stomach. They therefore set out to create a method to protect the cultures to ensure that the highest possible percentage would make it through alive.

Probonix was developed using a cutting-edge fermentation technology to deliver stable and viable probiotic bacteria safely into your intestines. Instead of putting billions of probiotic bacteria into a pill and hoping some organisms make it to the intestines alive, this exclusive proprietary process protects each live cell from the harsh bile and stomach acid.

Science of Probonix Probiotics

Probonix is saturated in a solution that places the individual bacteria in a temporary static state and protects them against the stomach acid. Only after they reach the intestines do they become activated and provide their many health benefits.

Science of Probonix Probiotics - Probonix 2 months, Probonix 1 month, Children's Probiotic, Women's Weight Loss Formula

Once the Probonix CFUs reach the intestines, they awaken from their state of hibernation and multiply in number, proliferating throughout the entire intestinal tract. This process dramatically enhances the survival and growth of bacteria over traditional probiotic supplements, since all other probiotic products rely on traditional encapsulation and not fermentation. Therefore, Probonix is the first and only probiotic product of its kind.

In addition to creating an industry-first in maximizing bacterial colonization in the gut, Humarian has pioneered the nutraceutical industry’s first fermented Toxin-Scavenging Lactobacillus. Our exclusive proprietary formula uses a unique, but naturally occurring fermentation process that allows natural and beneficial changes to the bacterium’s cell wall. In essence, the bacterium are “trained” to fight against toxic substances – such as mold (mycotoxins) and other toxic substances that make the bacterial cell walls weak. Instead, they learn to release endotoxins (also known as Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)), when the bad bacterium ruptures, thus reducing the likelihood that the cell wall will collapse. And therefore improving the chances that the bacteria will survive through a harsh environment.

The strains ultimately selected for Probonix products learn to thrive in a toxin-challenged environment, thus they inherently seek out and destroy toxins. These effects are part of the Toxin-Scavenging Lactobacilli’s innate biological capabilities. And the major reason why Probonix probiotics are so effective.

Science of Probonix Probiotics

Scientifically Tested and Proven

Needless to say, the results came back exactly like we expected.

It was found that Probonix delivered MORE LIVE CULTURES starting with only 900 million cultures than competitors who started with 15 BILLION cultures.


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