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Colic probably might not sound like a big deal from the outside looking in, but any new parent that has had a colicky baby knows how draining it can be on the entire family.   Babies become agitated and restless from nonstop crying.  Meanwhile, parents with the best of intentions become frustrated at their inability to soothe their baby.  It’s not their fault, but it often doesn’t feel like that in the moment.

Colic does not currently have a known cure, but probiotics have been suggested as one possible therapy to lessen its effects.  L. reuteri is one of the best probiotics for babies and children with colic. Research shows that babies given regular L. reuteri supplements spent less time crying each day from colic pain than children given simethicone, the traditional colic therapy. S. thermophilus has also been shown to significantly reduce the frequency of colic and intestinal irritability.

For parents looking for a probiotic to help with colic, Probonix for Newborns and Infants contains both L. reuteri and S. thermophilus, two strains that have been shown to help reduce the effects of colic in infants.

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I never write reviews but this product deserves one. Absolutely incredible product. It transformed my 5 week old son in 3 days… He went from miserable all the time to happy and content. We were able to stop reflux medications as well. All colic symptoms were gone. I recommend it to everyone I can who is having same issues with their babies.


After a week of using this, my 7 week old has stopped her random colic episodes! She’s sleeping sounder – still wakes every 2-3 hours. But huge improvement since she used to be up most of the night screaming and fussy in the day. Her BMs are more consistent, too! Couldn’t be happier.


We swear by this to prevent colic. With my first son I was concerned about his probiotics because I tested positive for Group B strep, because of that I had antibiotics during his birth so he likely didn’t get all of the good bacteria he should have during birth. I decided to supplement to help offset that. He never had serious colic issues and wasn’t very fussy compared to other babies. It didn’t seem to help his gas issues much though. With my second son we decided to give this immediately as well in the hopes that we’d escape the dreaded colic again. He’s 2 months old and still no sign of colic. He doesn’t seem to have quite as much of a gas problem as our first, but it’s hard to say if this is the reason or if it’s the gas drops. We were terrified we’d have colicky babies because both of us were extremely colicky babies. We will definitely continue using them on our baby and any other babies we may have.

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