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No matter the age, constipation is a common issue. Constipation can be a result of poor diet, dehydration, illness, lack of fiber, illness, antibiotics, a poor balance of bacteria in the gut, and more. Laxatives are usually the go-to answer for dealing with constipation, but laxatives don’t work for some adults and only help in about sixty percent of children, so we need to consider other options.

Probonix can help with constipation by improving the makeup of bacteria in the colon. Peristalsis (contraction of the muscles in the colon) is heavily influenced by the balance of bacteria in the colon.  An abundance of bad bacteria can lead to weak or ineffective peristalsis, a common cause of constipation. Regulating this bacteria balance through the use of probiotics is a reliable and healthy way to encourage effective peristalsis and promote regular healthy bowel movements.

Probonix also helps to promote better digestion and contains specific strains that have been shown to help with constipation, like L. rhamnosusL. casei, and B. breve. For more information, check out this blog.

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These probiotics have been heaven sent. We have used them for our baby since he was 7 months old, and also for both of us (adults). We’ve recommended them to our friends with babies as well and seriously, poop miracles have happened. Constipation no more – it reverses everything and makes poops for babies and adults magical. And I don’t use the term magical lightly. GET THESE PROBIOTICS!


This product is amazing! I have used countless probiotics in pill form for about a year, but none dealt with my bloating issue and constipation. I saw a difference in Probonix the next day! I still have to watch what I eat, no probiotic will allow you to eat whatever you want, but my “5 month prego” bloat hasn’t come back! I strongly recommend this product!

I have been taking Adult Probonix for just over 2 months. It has, by far, been the most helpful of any probiotic I’ve ever used. And I have tried a number of them. For over 20 years I have struggled with chronic constipation, bloating and gas. Probonix has helped me so much; I feel almost normal. And that’s saying alot. If you have stomach/digestive issues, try it; It may well give you some blessed relief. Go to their website and read the FAQ section; the base number of drops you start out with may vary, depending on whether you’re already accustomed to taking a probiotic. Good luck!

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Still Have Questions?

Learn more about Probonix and choosing the right probiotic for you and your family. Reach out to the Humarian team if you have any questions.

Probonix Children’s Advanced Formula – What You Need To Know

by Ryan Bentley, MD, PhD, DC | Aug 1, 2017

Probonix for Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, and Children is a liquid probiotic supplement that is used to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria. This is important because healthy bacteria help the body in a variety of ways, including crowding out bad bacteria, supporting immune system functions, and aiding in digestion. Why would your child need this? Well, not everyone is born with the same levels of healthy bacteria in their body.

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Constipation is common among children

by Dr. Shawn Benzinger, D.C., DABCO, FIAMA.| Oct 14, 2016

At one time or another, every child experiences constipation. But if your child routinely exhibits symptoms such as straining and pain when going to the toilet, abdominal pain, stomach aches, soiling or diarrhea, it could be a serious issue.

When your child is constipated, toxins are re-absorbed through the bowel and can lead to additional problems such as poor concentration, tiredness, bad breath, skin problems, muscle aches, headaches, and more.

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Constipation Possibly Alleviated with Probiotics

by Dr. Shawn Benzinger, D.C., DABCO, FIAMA.| Feb 26, 2015

Constipation is quite common among children. The signs that a child may be suffering from constipation vary. Symptoms include straining and pain when going to the toilet, abdominal pain, stomach aches, soiling or diarrhea. Other problems include poor concentration, tiredness, bad breath, skin problems, muscle aches and headaches. All come from the re-absorption of toxins coming from a constipated bowel.

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