3 Reasons Probiotics Increases Heart Health

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Healthy Lifestyle, Probiotic Blog

Probiotics can reduce your risk of heart disease and increase your overall heart health. Millions of people all over the world either suffer from heart disease or at risk for heart disease and probiotics could be a simple solution. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the effects of probiotics on the brain, immune system and digestion, where the public is finally getting a glimpse of the power of a healthy gut. Here are some of the top ways a regular regime of probiotics can increase your heart health.

1. Probiotics can lower “bad cholesterol.”

Concentrations of LDL cholesterol causes blockage by building up on the walls of blood vessels. A simple probiotic regime could decrease these concentrations, which could ultimately decease your chances of heart disease.


Effect of Probiotics on Blood Lipid Concentrations

2. Probiotics can lower blood pressure.

A meta-study was conducted to analyze data from 9 different studies on probiotics and blood pressure. They found that compared to the placebo, participants saw a reduction in blood pressure. When treatment continued for 8 weeks or more, participants saw even better results.

Effect of probiotics on blood pressure

3. Probiotics can reduce anxiety.

There are many researchers studying the neuro-pathways that connect your gut to your brain, which they are starting to call the microbiota-brain-gut axis. This axis consists of neural, immune, metabolic pathways and others that are currently unknown. All of this basically means that the health of your gut can effectively alter you mood based on its balance and supply of good bacteria. If your anxiety is compounding your risk for heart disease, probiotics could be a simple way to keep your gut full of good bacteria and reduce your overall stress.


The microbiome: stress, health and disease

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