Cardiovascular Health Influenced by the Gut

by | Sep 17, 2015 | Healthy Lifestyle, Probiotic Blog

Research is starting to strongly link cardiovascular health and the gut. We are beginning to see that cholesterol and body weight can be the results of bacteria in your gut. The gut can be considered the second brain of the body. It controls the digestion of food and nutrients and sends the information to the rest of the body.

In a study published in an American Heart Association journal, Circulation Research, researchers found that 34 different types of bacteria in the gut contributed to body fat and good cholesterol in some way. Using new technologies to help identify these tiny microbes, 863 people in the Netherlands were studied.

The relationship between cholesterol and bacteria in the gut is not new, but scientists have been able to discover fresh relationships that could affect future treatments for people who are at risk for heart disease. If we are able to pin-point how specific bacteria influence healthy levels of body fat and good cholesterol, regulating these cardiovascular factors could be as easy as introducing the right bacteria into the patients gut.

Cardiovascular, Digestion and Immune System Health with Probiotics

People all over the world have started using probiotics to regulate the health of their gut. Probiotics give your gut a boost by introducing large amounts of healthy bacteria. They are found in specific foods, but can also be taken in the for of supplements. A healthy gut can increase your immune system, help your body’s digestion and even improve mental health. The body is an interconnected organism that cannot function at it’s optimal level if important systems, like digestion, are ignored. In addition to the new research regarding cardiovascular health, the chemicals in your gut send signals to your brain that can affect mood and clarity of thought as well.

The results are in. With all the research coming out about the importance of a healthy gut, isn’t it time to start giving your body some good bacteria? It’s a simple way to live a healthier life!

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