HHP Expert – Dr. Rajiv Sharma: Pursuit of Gut Happiness, Edition 2

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Podcast, Probiotics for Gut Health

HHP Expert - HHP Expert - Dr. Rajiv Sharma: Pursuit of Gut Happiness, Edition 2 - Humarian Health PodcastToday, we welcome back board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Rajiv K. Sharma, MD.  Amy sits down with Dr. Sharma to discuss the new edition of his book, Pursuit of Gut Happiness.  Dr. Sharma talks about the new edition’s updates to spices and herbs and its increased emphasis on turmeric.  Then he dives into some more specific benefits, like how mint affects smooth muscle spasms and stomach pain and how ginger can affect joint pain and aches.  Dr. Sharma then disappoints Amy by dispelling the myth that ginger ale has any actual ginger in it to provide benefits.  It doesn’t.  Amy then asks Dr. Sharma to talk about the symbiotic relationship between probiotics and prebiotics and why they work better together than individually.  Dr. Sharma closes the show by highlighting his saag recipe and explaining why it’s one of the healthiest dishes you can eat.  You can purchase Pursuit of Gut Happiness on Amazon, Kindle, and at drguthappiness.com.

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