Product Update: Introducing Probonix Capsules for Adults and Women

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Healthy Lifestyle, Probiotic Blog

Humarian | Introducing Probonix Capsules for Adults and WomenThe Probonix probiotics you love are now in capsule form. Why capsules? Because you asked! Many of our customers love the convenience of having Probonix in liquid form because it’s smaller, tasty, and easy to mix in with a beverage. However, some of our customers are already taking plenty of other pills, don’t want to mess with a dropper, or don’t want to taste their probiotics. Probonix capsules are here to provide our same great probiotics in an alternative form factor.

Our liquid form factor is one of the features that distinguishes Probonix from other probiotics on the market, but it’s not the only one. The special proprietary acid formula that helps to protect our probiotics from the harsh conditions of the stomach is in our capsules too. All the great benefits provided by our liquid probiotics are offered by their capsule counterparts.

We hope these new capsules will give you another easy way to get your daily Probonix fix!

Probonix For Adults

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