Stress Reduction with Probiotics

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Probiotic Blog

Stress can decrease and cognitive function increase with probiotics!

Studies suggest that probiotics may improve moods, reduce stress, and decrease pain sensitivity. Many people know probiotics improve the composition of bacteria in the gut. Research is now proving the power of probiotics for cognitive function.

Stress Reduction with Probiotics

Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tested this theory on rats. They determined that certain probiotics could improve cognitive function and reduce stress.

Research shows that bacteria found in the human digestive tract improves one’s health. It does this by strengthening immunity, aiding digestion, and maintaining the body’s optimal weight. The Chinese study found probiotic Lactobacillus Helveticus restored cognitive functions and reduced anxiety-like behaviors in the rats. They saw changes in the rat’s emotional behavior and how they respond to pain.

Is your gut’s bacteria stressing you out?

The gut and the brain are more connected than most people think. Studies involving people who consume probiotic yogurt for a period of at least one month have shown to improve cognitive function.

Bacteria in the gut often communicate with the brain in a certain way that can alter over time. The type of food a person eats has the capacity to change the way that the bacteria in a person’s gut metabolizes food. These studies have made it clear: what you eat affects more than the way you digest food. It also affects functionality of your brain.

Probiotic supplementation, such as use of Probonix, is an excellent way to make sure your body is getting the right amount of good bacteria.

Future studies seek to identify specific signals between the bacteria in our gut and our brain. Researchers are now focusing on the flora of bacteria. The flora could manipulate things such as the brain development, stress levels, and pain sensitivity.

The sky’s the limit in the field of probiotics. Changing the composition of gut bacteria could bring about treatments for persistent pain disorders. It could also relieve mild symptoms of common brain conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Taking probiotic supplements is an easy way to improve your physical and mental health. The health of your gut determines the health of your brain. Improve cognitive functionality and relieve that unnecessary stress with simple supplementation.

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