The Brain-Gut Connection

by | May 7, 2015 | Probiotic Blog, Probiotic Education

The connection between the gut and the brain is becoming a hot topic in the gastrointestinal and psychiatric fields. Microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract of human are essential to health. They are from an intricate tapestry of organisms that can benefit body weight, nutrition, energy and mental health.

The microbes that are present in the human gut are distinct due to their molecular phylogeny namely bacteria, eukarya, and achea. Among these three, bacteria are the most prevalent. These gut microbes are highly sensitive to various conditions in the environment from birth. As such, the affect can already be experienced by infants. Children born with extremely damaged gut flora are more sensitive to diseases.

The good news is that you can have control of your gut flora. How is this possible? Your diet serves to be your stepping stone in changing the composition of your gut flora if necessary. Ideally, your choice of foods can change the composition of your flora in just a matter of days.

The best way to optimize the heath of your gut is to incorporate fermented foods in your daily regimen in addition to daily probiotic supplementation. Opposite of that, processed foods that have high content of chemical additives and sugar can be detrimental in your gut.

Protect the Brain by Strengthening the Gut

In addition to the benefits to the physical health, it is also for the mental well-being. Research has found that the early development of micro biome can have a very significant role to several aspects of the mental health of adults. They are also significant to psychological development.

Dr. James Greenblatt is a psychiatrist who has been fascinated by this connection for decades. In this article on The Verge, he talks about how he treated this OCD and ADHD patient with a simple twice-a-day dose of probiotics. As he suspected, she had less symptoms in six months and was completely healthy within a year. The microbes in the gut are constantly sending signals to the brain and you want those signals to be healthy signals! Probiotics and do that. For mental health, it is imperative to keep your gut clean and healthy.

Gut flora has a wide variety of beneficial aspects in the human body particularly in metabolism and mental health. In order to get the real benefits of these bacteria in the body, you need to take special considerations in your foods and daily probiotic supplements. Think of your mental health as having two brains: the one in your head and the one in your gut. Take care of both of these brains. Above all, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and positive outlook in life are absolutely the best ways.

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