Video Series – Truth #6: Few Probiotics Have Been Scientifically Tested

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Probiotic Blog, Probiotic Education

Shopping for probiotics can be tough. There are hundreds of products to choose from, and it’s not easy to know what’s best from just looking at the bottle. Many probiotic companies like to flaunt large CFU numbers to draw you in, but the unfortunate truth is that most probiotics have never been scientifically tested. Companies may know how many CFUs go into their probiotics, but without proper scientific testing, they can’t be sure how many actually survive the perilous trip to the small intestine.

Why don’t most companies test their products? How can you be sure that a probiotic works as advertised? Watch the video on Truth #6 to find out!

Truth #6: Few Probiotics Have Been Scientifically Tested | The Six Truths You Need To Know Before Choosing A Probiotic | Humarian | Probonix Best Probiotics |

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