More studies each year come out that show us the true power of probiotics. But can probiotics help premature babies? If so, how? Here are 4 key ways that premature baby probiotics may be able to help babies that are born premature.

Prevent Tissue Death

Supplementing enteral nutrition with a probiotic strain may reduce the risk of bowel tissue death and other serious health risks in premature infants.

Read more about this study.

Decreases Likelihood of Premature Birth

Researchers at Stanford University in California have been looking at possible links between a pregnant woman’s microflora and the likelihood of her giving birth prematurely.

premature baby probiotics - humarian

Read more about this study.

Produces Better Breast Milk

Infants fed formula may have a different preponderance of more pathogenic bacteria in the colon and less lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species. Probiotic-influenced breast milk may help.

premature baby probiotics - humarian

Read more about this study which is similar to the ASPEN study but focuses on breast milk. More.

Helps With C-Section Babies

As a new mom you are constantly worried about keeping baby safe, happy and healthy. A daily probiotics supplement can help you keep baby healthy, especially those born via c-section.

premature baby probiotics - humarian

Learn more about probiotic benefits for c-section babies.

Have you used premature baby probiotics to help your child?

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