Product Update: Introducing Probonix for Newborns & Infants and Probonix for Toddlers & Children! And boxes!

Our children’s probiotics have gotten an upgrade! We have received feedback from parents that the dosage instructions on our Children’s Probonix were a bit confusing. After talking with our customers, we decided to create a product for Newborns & Infants and a second product for Toddlers & Children. The only difference between these two products is the dosage instructions – 6 drops for newborn and infants and 8 drops for toddlers and children.

And as you can see from the pretty pictures, we’ve also been hard at work on new packaging for all of our probiotics. Probonix for Newborns & Infants and Probonix for Toddlers & Children are the first probiotics to receive the box treatment, and we plan to have boxes for the rest of our probiotics down the road. Our new boxes have also allowed us to include a separately packaged dropper.

We’re excited about these changes and hope they make using our product an even better experience for you!

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