HHP – Dr. Shawn Benzinger – Stress Kills: How Stress Shows Up & What It Can Do – Part 1

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Healthy Lifestyle, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast- Expert Series - HHP - Dr. Ryan Bentley: Men's HealthWe have all kinds of great guests lined up for 2020, but we’re kicking off the year guest-less as Amy joins Dr. Benzinger for the start of a three-episode series about stress. This first episode is all about how stress shows up in our bodies and what it can do. Topics covered include doctor visits due to stress, common symptoms of stress, technology, and social media, and how to approach stress management day-to-day versus long term. In the second half of the show, they discuss the increased pace of everyday life today compared to a decade ago, the connection of workplace satisfaction with overall happiness, how to differentiate between good and bad stress and more. Stay tuned for part 2!

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