HHP – Dr. Shawn Benzinger – Stress Kills: How Stress Shows Up & What It Can Do – Part 3

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Healthy Lifestyle, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast- Expert Series - HHP - Dr. Ryan Bentley: Men's HealthThis week, we’re bringing you the final part of Dr. B’s series on stress. Amy sits down with Dr. B for a discussion on how your mindset can affect the way you deal with stress. They start off by giving examples of how their mindsets have changed in their own lives recently and the effects those changes have had on their personal stress levels. Dr. B. outlines some problematic tendencies that can arise with fixed mindsets compared to growth mindsets, like gravitating towards known quantities instead of seeking out new experiences, declaring relationships as broken before first trying to work on them, or relying on natural talent above putting in hard work to succeed. Then he and Amy go over some of the ways that we can recognize fixed mindsets and work to develop growth mindsets in our own lives.

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