HHP Expert – Swathi Rao

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Healthy Lifestyle, Podcast

HHP Expert | Swathi Rao | HumarianOn this week’s show, Dr. B. is joined by Swathi Rao, owner and CEO of local Indiana practice, Be Well Family Care.  Be Well Family Care is a family practice with a focus on integrated care, or what Swathi calls “smart medicine.”  This means that the practice tries to utilize everything that research brings to them, whether it be traditional, alternative, or functional medicine.  Swathi talks about her background in traditional medicine and the catalyst that caused her to favor integrated care over purely traditional medicine.  Dr. B. asks about Swathi why the kitchen takes up a third of their total office space.  Swathi describes the importance of diet, nutrition, and basic cooking skills for staying healthy.  When Dr. B. asks about the role of traditional medicine in her practice, Swathi responds, “You don’t do aromatherapy in the middle of a car accident.” She then elaborates on why traditional medicine is so important in the practice of smart medicine and why you don’t see many family practices that stress integrated care.  You can find out more about Swathi and her practice at bewellfamilycare.com.

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