HHP – Jodi Smith & Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Diet and Exercise, Podcast

Today, our guest is Jodi Smith, medical nutritionist and founder of plateology.com.  Amy and Dr. Benzinger sit down with Jodi to discuss…
  • What exactly is a medical nutritionist?
  • How nutrition relates to cancer
  • Some of the largest risk factors for cancer
  • Why doctors talk about healthy lifestyles, but often don’t know how to define it.
  • Probiotics. This is one area where nearly all doctors are in agreement about the potential benefits. Jodi explains why.
  • Why the best avenue of treatment is often to take the load off the body and give it what it needs to heal itself.
  • Plateology.com, a website developed by Jodi Smith that provides access to individualized nutrition plan with specific, realistic goals aimed at transitioning to an improved lifestyle that will be able to be maintained.
  • Why being unable to eat healthily due to financial reasons is a myth, and why plateology.com is tailor-made to provide the education necessary to do so.

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