Probiotics can help to prevent diarrhea in infants

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infant diarrhea

You’ve done your homework. You know about the many benefits of probiotics – how they can help strengthen the immune system, overcome indigestion, and so much more. But did you know that they can actually help to PREVENT diarrhea in infants?

Prevent infant diarrhea?

That’s right! According to a recent study, probiotics have been shown to decrease the occurrence of diarrhea in infants. The study involved 55 infants between 5 and 24 months that were regularly hospitalized with gastrointestinal issues. 31% of infants that received regular formula continued to develop diarrhea, but only 7% of infants with probiotic supplemented formula continued to develop diarrhea. Very convincing results!

Antibiotics can cause diarrhea.

In many people, antibiotics can devastate the good microbes in the gut and upset the normal flora balance in the intestines. This can lead to antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

According to the Dr. Howard LeWine, Chief Medical Editor of Harvard Health Publications, studies have concluded that using probiotics while on antibiotics can also help to prevent diarrhea. One such study involving 12,000 women and men concluded that people on antibiotics who supplement with probiotics are 42% less likely to experience diarrhea than people that do not supplement with probiotics. Again, very convincing data!

What else can probiotics do for me?

Preventing diarrhea is just one of the many things that probiotics are being used for. They can prevent vaginal infections, cure chronic constipation, help digestion, suppress many kinds of disease-causing bacteria, and much, much more.

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