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by | Jun 26, 2019 | Probiotic Blog, Product Information

Half OZ Bottles | Humarian | Carmel, IN | Probiotics, Performance & SupplementsOne of the most common concerns we hear about Probonix involves consistency between bottles. “Is this bottle okay? It looks a little different than my last bottle”. Yes, that bottle is okay, but it probably does look a little different than your last bottle. Not every bottle of Probonix is exactly the same due to the proprietary acid that we use to coat and protect the probiotic bacteria.

As we discussed in a recent blog post, this acid is the key ingredient that elevates Probonix above other probiotics on the market. You can think of this acid like buying oranges at the grocery store. If you buy five oranges, they’re all going to look, smell, and taste like oranges, but some will be a little sweeter, some will look a little brighter, and some will have a stronger citrus smell than others.

The proprietary acid in Probonix is a similarly naturally occurring ingredient. This can result in slight variations in appearance, taste, and smell between batches. Due to Humarian’s commitment to staying 100% natural, we do not add any preservatives to even out these variations. However, we are researching natural solutions that could be used to bring more consistency between batches in the future.

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