Celiac Disease and Probiotic ‘Gluten Free’ Labels

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Health Conditions, Probiotic Blog

Do you have Celiacs Disease? Are you paying attention to the ingredients in your supplements? If you suffer with Celieac Disease it is probably safe to assume that your answer to the second question is “yes”. For you and others with this disease, the smallest bit of gluten (the protein found in wheat, rye and barley) can send your gastrointestinal tract into a downward spiral. Because of the extreme diet restrictions, many Celiac patients lean heavily on supplements, like probiotics, to keep their intestines full of healthy bacteria. Unfortunately studies are starting to show that not all supplements which are labeled “gluten free” can be trusted.

Celiac Disease is a prevalent problem that is affecting an estimated 1 in 100 people in the world today. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes small intestine damage when gluten is introduced. These damages appear in the rest of the body in a wide range of gastrointestinal, muscular and behavior symptoms. The disease has only recently started to be known in mainstream circles. It can also lead the way for other autoimmune disorders in Celiac sufferers, as they are 34% more likely to develop other disorders like t
ype 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, infertility, skin disease and many others.

Is it really gluten-free?

Probiotics are known to charge the gut with good bacteria, which could be great for people with an autoimmune disease like Celiac. The problem comes when the probiotic supplements have gluten themselves. And the bigger problem arises when supplements that are labeled “gluten free” actually contain trace amounts of the harmful protein. A study conducted by Dr. Peter Green, director at the Celiac Disease Center, found that out of 22 widely-used probiotic supplements most of them contained some gluten. They also found that 18% of them had high amounts of gluten. They concluded that “gluten-free” labels cannot always be trusted and it is very important to know all of the ingredients in any supplements you consume.

Here at Humarian Research Lab, we take this “gluten-free” label seriously. All the ingredients in our probiotics are accurately listed and we pride ourselves on helping those suffering with Celiac Disease. If you have not tried Probonix, you are missing out! Partner with us to create a global community of people taking their health into their own hands.

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