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Probonix for Dogs & CatsWhy does my pet need a probiotic?

Probonix is a liquid probiotic supplement that is used to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria. This is important because much like the human body, healthy bacteria in the bodies of dogs and cats perform a number of important functions, including crowding out bad bacteria, supporting immune system functions, and aiding in digestion. Why would your pet need this? Well, not all animals are born with the same levels of healthy bacteria in their body. Dogs and cats on antibiotics in particular benefit greatly from probiotic supplements, as antibiotics kill off both good and bad bacteria in the gut. Supplementing with Probonix will help your pet reach a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, leading to a healthier immune system, better digestion, and lower chances of long-term GI health issues.

Why did Humarian decide to make a pet probiotic?

In the few years that we have been selling Probonix, we have observed dogs and cats suffering from many of the same types of conditions as our human customers. They can get cancer, they can suffer from heart disease, and much like their owners, dogs and cats struggle with constipation, diarrhea, digestive issues, allergies, and yeast infections. They also have trouble dealing with grains in their food, mold, bacterial infections, and being treated with standard drugs, so the Humarian doctors decided that it made sense to introduce a variant of Probonix aimed specifically at helping dogs and cats with these issues.

Is Probonix easy to give to my pet?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages Probonix has over other probiotics on the market is how easy it is to give to your pet. Traditional probiotics in pills and capsules can be difficult to give to dogs or cats. Sprinkling an open capsule over their food or into their water often does not go over well. The liquid format of Probonix makes administering the product much easier. Just add a few drops on top of their food or into their water. It mixes easily into water and is quickly absorbed into dry food. Or if your pet prefers, it can be squeezed directly into the mouth.

Are there any chemical or non-naturally occurring ingredients in Probonix?

Probonix is made up of 100% natural ingredients. Our proprietary acid formula acts as the carrier for the probiotic bacteria. It allows us to offer the product in a liquid form, and it is the element of our product that allows us to maintain a much higher probiotic survival rate than our competitors. The flavor in the product is 100% beef liver flavor (non-GMO). The only other ingredients are filtered water and the probiotic bacteria. There are no chemical additives or unnatural ingredients in Probonix.

Why is there a smaller dose of probiotics in Probonix than in some other brands?

Probonix promises more than one billion viable probiotic bacteria per daily dose, but some competing probiotic products claim three or four times as many per dose. Aren’t those better? After all, common sense would indicate that more is better when we’re trying to put something good into our bodies. Four carrots are better than one, right? The piece of the puzzle that most shoppers are missing is the survival rate. When your pet takes a probiotic supplement, only a small portion of those healthy bacteria survive the journey through the stomach acid. It may say 3 billion per dose, but most probiotics on the market would be lucky to have 10% of those 3 billion make it through the stomach and into the gut. This is where the Probonix proprietary acid carrier really shines. Our acid mixture coats the healthy bacteria and helps them adapt to the acidic environment of the stomach as they pass through. This allows them to survive in much greater numbers than competing products. In fact, we conducted extensive research to prove this point in 2015. According to this research, Probonix had a survival rate that was 9-11 times higher than top rated competing products. Competing products may promise more probiotics per dose, but Probonix will get more of them alive and to your pet’s gut.

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