Respiratory Tract Infections Reduced in Athletes

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Probiotics Reduce Respiratory Tract Infection in Swimmers

Athletes who are undergoing intense and severe exercises are more at risk of upper respiratory tract infection and gastrointestinal disease. It is vital for active athletes to to maintain a healthy lifestyle while training and competing. Gastrointestinal diseases and upper respiratory tract infections can severely impair an athlete’s performance during this time. Hence, it is necessary that athletes find solutions that will minimize the risk of catching an illness that can compromise their athletic performance and overall sports career.

Fortunately, probiotics are gaining popularity as they are shown to improve the immunity of athletes against upper respiratory tract infections. A randomized control trial was performed with young adult female swimmers where probiotic yogurt was found to reduce the likelihood of upper respiratory infection. The study also showed that the duration of dyspnea and ear pain was reduced for the swimmers taking probiotics.

It is not a secret that swimmers should have a strong stamina during training and competitions, they have to keep their bodies healthy. But, the fact that the water in swimming pools where they practice and execute their performances may not be clean at all times and it can be contaminated with infectious elements, swimmers may become prone to infections.

The Solution is Probiotics!

Probiotics are here to solve the problem. Probiotic bacteria are defined as the “good bacteria” that naturally transpires in fermented food products like yogurt. Probiotics can strengthen the immunity of swimmers and all other sorts of athletes. By decreasing susceptibility to ailments like gastrointestinal tract infection and acute infectious diarrhea, probiotics are improving immune function and resistance to disease. The ultimate benefit of these good bacteria lies in their capacity to adjust microflora.  The microflora control the natural balance of organisms within the intestines, and have huge impacts on immune and digestive functions.

Research and studies are still ongoing to further prove the health benefits of probiotic yogurt. The medical community is trying to take probiotic yogurt to the next level; to be a certified immunity enhancer. This will not only benefit swimmers and other athletes, but it will benefit everyone else in the world!

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