Video Series – Truth #3: The Way Your Probiotic Is Prepared Is Critical

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Probiotic Blog, Probiotic Education

Whether in tablets, capsules, or liquid form, the method of delivery for your probiotic has little impact on its effectiveness. All that really matters is that the probiotic bacteria are able to make it to your gut alive. Probiotic companies like to brag about how many billions of live cultures their probiotics include in each dose, but they don’t tell you that most of these cultures die before they reach the small intestine unless the probiotic has been properly prepared.

Companies have been trying a wide range of preparation methods to increase survival rates, like freeze-drying and microencapsulation. One preparation method that has been scientifically proven to increase survival rates is the liquid acid coating used in Probonix. It places the probiotics in a resilient state that helps them to survive the harsh environment of the stomach. Watch the video on Truth #3 to find out more!

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Ryan Bentley, MD, PhD, DC

Co-Founder, Medical Director | Dr. Ryan Bentley is a physician, researcher, author, educator and national speaker. He has a passion for health and helping people live their best possible lives. Dr. Bentley and the doctors Humarian uniquely formulated the Probonix line of probiotics to address the needs of their patients and those suffering from a variety of health conditions.