Taking An Antibiotic? Try Probonix Restore!

Scientifically formulated to restore your gut bacteria to a healthy balance during and after the time you’re taking an antibiotic.

Taking an Antibiotic? Try Probonix Restore!

Scientifically formulated to restore your gut bacteria to a healthy balance during and after the time you’re taking an antibiotic.

What are probiotics?

You hear the word all the time. And everyone tells you they are great for your health. But wouldn’t you like to know a little bit more about what they are and how they work?

Probiotics are actually live bacteria, in supplement form usually, designed to be introduced into your intestinal tract. These beneficial microorganisms are believed to help in the treatment of many diseases and ailments that have baffled traditional medicine for decades, especially gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and Crohn’s disease.

While probiotics naturally occur in many foods, and are fermented into others (yogurt, some cheeses, certain beverages, etc.) taking them in supplement form has increased in popularity when introducing probiotic foods into the diet in the necessary volumes is not always practical.

Probonix is one such probiotic supplement developed by the doctors and medical team at Humarian Labs. It is one of a scarce few scientifically-tested and proven supplements on the market, and it contains a carefully-selected combination of the most effective strains of bacteria to deliver the most powerful treatment and protection from a lengthy list of common medical conditions.

What makes Probonix so much more effective, and different than all the other probiotic products on the market is the proprietary, world-class coating developed by the medical team at Humarian. This one-of-a-kind acid-coating process enables the live bacteria cultures in Probonix probiotics to survive the harsh environment of acid and bile in the stomach, where most other probiotics’ cultures don’t fare so well. And Probonix has the scientific testing to prove it – see for yourself!

To learn more about probiotics and Probonix in general, visit the How Probiotics Work page. We also encourage you to download Six Truths You Need to Know Before Choosing a Probiotic a free e-report in which two doctors from Humarian set the record straight about probiotics today.


Probonix is currently one of the only probiotics that has been scientifically tested and proven to deliver live bacteria cultures into the intestinal tract where they belong. See the test result here!


Probonix products can help relieve or eliminate a wide variety of medical issues. See if we can cure what ails you.

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6 Truths: What You Need to Know

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