Why Should You Choose Probonix?

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Why should you choose Probonix?Shopping for probiotics can be tough. There are hundreds of different products to choose from, and it isn’t easy to know what’s best from just looking at the bottle. We’ve talked about some of the advantages Probonix has over other probiotics in previous posts, but we’re going to break it all down here today. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should choose Probonix over other probiotics.

Probonix has a protective acid coating

Probonix’s proprietary acid formula is the single most important feature separating it from other probiotics on the market. This acid coats our probiotic bacteria and protects them from the harsh environment of the stomach. The acid also serves to suspend our probiotics in the lag phase, allowing them to have a long shelf life and eliminating the need for refrigeration.

Probonix does not require refrigeration

That’s right! Unlike most probiotics on the market, Probonix does not need to be refrigerated. Most probiotics contain bacteria in the growth phase. These probiotics need to be refrigerated in order to slow down the nutrient consumption and replication that occurs during this time. In other words, the shelf life of these products would be significantly reduced without refrigeration. The probiotic bacteria in Probonix are suspended in the lag phase, so there is no nutrient consumption or replication to slow down. Eliminating the need for refrigeration also makes Probonix much more convenient to fit into a busy life. You can keep it by your bedside, next to your toothbrush, or take it with you on the road. Check out our video on refrigeration in probiotics to learn more about refrigeration and the different bacterial phases.

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Probonix comes in liquid form

Probonix is one of few liquid probiotics on the market. Most probiotics come in capsules or tablets. While pills are fine for most people, there are plenty of people that struggle with swallowing pills. Probonix can be dropped directly into the mouth or into a cool beverage to take with ease. A liquid probiotic is also much more convenient for infants, children, and elderly individuals.

Probonix is a multi-strain probiotic

Every Probonix variation contains 8-12 different probiotic strains. While many popular probiotic brands stick to one or two common strains, the doctors behind Probonix recognized the importance of diversifying the bacterial population in the gut. Research has shown that multiple probiotic strains can have synergistic effects with one another.

Probonix has a high survival rate

One of the most common questions we receive is in relation to our relatively low CFU counts compared to other probiotic brands. It is true that we have fewer CFUs per dose than other probiotics, but it’s important to remember that CFUs are only one piece of the puzzle. The only number that matters is how many live probiotics make it to your gut. Most probiotics on the market are prepared in ways that are not as protective as our proprietary acid formula, so the majority of those bacteria die on the way through the stomach acid before they ever have a chance to reach the gut and provide any benefits. Probonix has lower CFU counts because we know that our survival rates are higher, so it will still match or exceed the number of live bacteria that make it to the gut. And we know that is true because…

Probonix is backed by research

We have the research to prove it! Most probiotics make bold claims about how effective they are, but very few have scientific research to back up those claims. Humarian has thoroughly tested the effectiveness of Probonix by investing in a survival rate research study. This study was designed to test the survival rate of Probonix after running it through a simulated digestive system. The results show that Probonix was able to deliver comparable levels of live bacteria to the gut when pitted against a competitor with higher CFU counts.

These are just some of the reasons why Probonix could be the right probiotic choice for you. For even more information, check out how Probonix is made or learn more about the individual strains we selected for our probiotics, like L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, or B. breve.

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