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by | Jul 19, 2018 | Alternative Medicine, Pets, Podcast

Humarian Health Podcast - Dr. Deva Khalsa, Natural Dog BookOur guest this week is Dr. Deva Khalsa, a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine and author of Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog: Holistic Therapies, Nutrition, and Recipes for Healthier Dogs. Dr. Khalsa joins Amy and Dr. B. to outline how holistic medicine can make your animal’s body smarter, wiser, and more able to stay healthy and fight diseases. She discusses the importance of vetting your vet, differences between traditional medicine and holistic medicine, why veterinarian medicine has become a largely corporate-influenced field, and how this reality inspired her to write a book to help people become smarter pet owners. Dr. Khalsa details the rising prevalence of cancer in animals, the dangers of commercial flea and tick treatments, and other ways that pets can be harmed through traditional treatments. She also discusses merits of healthy animal foods, prepared foods, and why she is not a fan of the raw food craze that has recently surged in popularity. Later on in the show, Dr. B. and Dr. Khalsa get into the pitfalls of choosing natural supplements for both humans and animals. You can find Dr. Khalsa at doctordeva.com, her curated list of pet products at deservingpets.com, and her book, Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog: Holistic Therapies, Nutrition, and Recipes for Healthier Dogs, at amazon.com and wherever books are sold.

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